Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lisa Westera (20) and yes, I am a sport fanatic. When I was younger I was a bit bigger and heavier than the others. My insecurity started to bother me more and more as I grew older. Until I had enough. Slowly but steady I started to work out and ever since, I never stopped. ​ The reason why i created this website is because I want to help people around the world reaching their goals.


About workout searcher

Workout searcher is an online website focussed on finding workouts (like the name says). People might find it difficult or too much of an effort to make their own workouts. On workout searcher there are multiple workouts available and if that isn't enough. We also have a custom-made schedule service, based and build on your needs. Workout searcher is more than just a search box of workouts. On our website we focus on creating a community. We are busy developing our own products, programs, personal training planning, online coaching planning and more!

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