30 minute EMOM #1

EMOM means: Every Minute On the Minute. So every new minute means the start of a new round or new exercise.

To keep in mind

- If you are not able to perform all of the exercises/repetitions in the minute. No worries, add the next minute, finish the exercises you did not complete and you can use the time left as rest.

- As always, focus on performance before speed.

- Odd means performing the exercises only in the off minutes.

- Even means performing the exercises only in the even minutes.

The workout

Minute 1-10

Odd: 10 Front squats + 10 push-ups

Even: 10 burpees

Minute 11-20

Odd: 8 Push presses + 8 Deadlifts

Even: 15 Kettlebell swings

Minute 21-30

Odd: 10 bent over rows + 10 stiff legged deadlifts

Even: 10 Cleans

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