C25K 9 week program

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

What is C25K?

The couch to 5k is a running program for the absolute beginners. The original program was designed by a runner named Josh Clark. He never considered himself as a runner but after a break up he became inspired to run. The way the exercise became so much easier over several weeks made Josh feel empowered. This feeling made him want to get others off the couch and start running as well. The plan he made to do that, might be the C25K we know today.

To keep in mind

- Make sure to warm up before your training, so this with a short walk of 5 minutes.

- Run with running shoes. This will save you from possible injuries. I personally suggest the shoes from https://www.brooksrunning.com/.

- After your workout you should walk 5 more minutes to cool down.

- Be aware of you surroundings, especially when you're running with headphones.

- When your calves are sore you can use a foam roller to help stimulate the blood flow and to make the recovery time shorter.

- Get one day of rest between the workouts to get the most out of each run.

Good luck and let us know how your C25K challenge is going!

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