Intermediate core workout #1

A lot of people suffer from pain in the lower back. You probably know people with these problems and maybe you experience it yourself. So, the first question is: what are the causes? Maybe it's lack of activity because you're working at a 9 to 5 job where you're sitting on a chair in front of a desk or working at a job that demands a lot of physical work. With both jobs, maintaining a correct posture is necessary and the fundament of a correct posture is your core. By training your core you will reduce the risks of various health problems like: neck pain, torn muscles, ruptured discs, strained ligaments and incontinence. As well as it improves functional fitness, it allows you to perform everyday tasks such like walking, bending, lifting and squatting, more easy. Also! A strong and well trained core improves athletic performance and, not to forget, it helps you get that waistline tight, give you a good looking set of abs and a lot more.

To keep in mind

- To get optimal results and prevent overtraining, focus on hitting your core 2-4 times a week. Preferably after your regular workout

- It takes time and focus to learn the movement. So focus on the way you move and try to feel the working muscles.

- If your lower back starts to hurt during an exercise it is because of the lack of strength in your lower abs. Your back will start to take over and that's the part where it starts to hurt as well. some tips: Use less weight, make the exercise easier, focus on preserving a neutral spine

position, train your abs a little more often.

- Perform the movement slow and steady, with focus on the muscles you're supposed to use.

- Pay attention to your breathing pattern.

- You should feel fatigued by the last rep, but it shouldn't be overly difficult.

*Keep in mind: controle goes before speed. So don't rush through the exercises.

Exercises Sets/Reps

- Dead bug 3 x 12 per side

* The whole movement should take 6-8 seconds

- Cable pallof press 3 x 15 per side

* On the knees and keep the body aligned

- Plank to pike walk 3 x 8

* Walk slowly without swinging the hips

- Stir the pot 3 x 10

* use bosu ball and only move forward and back

- Windshield wipers 3 x 12

Here you'll find the muscles who together are called the core
The core muscles

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