No equipment home workout #2

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Before you start

- Make sure (even with home workouts) that you do a proper warm up. Get your body temperature up before you start the training.

- Only use stable surfaces and be careful with what you're going to use.

- Be aware of your surroundings.

Exercises Sets/Reps

Bulgarian split squat 4 x 8

Glute bridge 4 x 15

Burpee 4 x 12

Bird dog 4 x 12

Handstand hold 4 x Max.

Superman 4 x 12

Pull-up/inverted row 4 x 10

Inch worm 4 x 8

Russian twist 4 x 15

If you can't find the information about one of these exercises online. Contact me and i will send you a link or explain by myself how the exercise works.

To keep in mind

- Take around 60-90 seconds rest between each set.

- Do your exercise slow and steady.

- Drink enough water before and during the workout.

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